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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunway - Nancy, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Sunway, PRC

Sunway - Nancy

Cheongster: No Name

Quite sometime never cheong PRC, my last cheong PRC was Keke Naughty Horny Teacher Look at OSF... I can still remember her Horny look while BBBBJ with specs ON.

Today feel itchy, decided to visit this place located in sunway area, call & fixed appointment, got no problem to find since i quite familiar sunway area.

Reached destination, saw Ah Chen aka Joey Womg & her housemate (Nancy), First impression, Wow she looks great with specs ON, again i m going to cheong a naughty horny teacher today..
Decided to take Nancy

Game start, bath together with Specs ON.. clean me like a little boy from neck to toe, offcourse Didi also watch la...

As usual try few position missionary, doggie, standing doggie... Damm good view while FJ/BBBJ with her Specs ON.. Try my luck ask for CIM but refused by her, she told me may be by next visit she will allow CIM , end up CUM on her stomach And she taste my CUM after that and said is salty.. Haaahaaahaaa

Date : 29-03-10
Location : Sunway Area
Name: Nancy
Origin: Tong San
Age: She told me 33, but i guess is abt 35, dont care la since i like her Naughty Horny Teacher Look.
Face: 7/10 Guess she must be very pretty in her age of 20s
Body: 7/10 With smooth skin
Boobs : A cup only
Pussy: Well maintained
Tightness : 7/10 She told me around 2 months never make love already
DATY: and she enjoy it very much
Fingering: 1 finger only
BBBJ: 6.5/10 , politely ask me whether prefer CBJ or BBBJ
FJ: 8/10 accomodating
GFE: 7/10 (talk active)
Rushing : No any rushing sign shown.
Environment : 8/10 Nice & clean..
Hygene : Provide new tower
Damage: RM150
WIR: Yes when i need Sexecise by Horny Teacher or i might go for suang
fei next, just imagine suang fei with Joey Wong & Naughty Horny

Overall : sexstified even she doesnt provide CIM, but i like her
attitude, especially during BBBJ and FJ, u can request her with or
without Specs ON.


Thanks bro Davies for the ctc.

Ah Zhen was look like 王祖贤,but she was not feeling well when i visit, So will definitely try her when she back to action.

Here my FR:

Date: 30/03/2010
Location : Sunway Area
Name: Nancy
Origin: Jiang xi
Age: dunno din ask
LookFace: 7/10 MILF look (but it's ok for me)
Body: 7/10 With Smooth skin
Boobs : A cup only
Pussy: Well maintained
Tightness : 7/10
FK/DFK: Yes. and i love it.
DATY: Yes and she enjoy it very much
Fingering: not try
BBBJ: 5/10 , She was new so need learn more from Ah Zhen
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 10/10 (talk active) and no rush
Rushing : No any rushing sign shown.
Environment : 8/10 Nice & clean..
Hygene : Provide new tower
Damage: RM150 + tips
WIR: Yes maybe will try suang fei with Ah Zhen together.

Cheong never put off till tomorow when i can do.


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