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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nicole - Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cititel Hotel, Thai Girl

Name: Nicole

Got a nice SYT to share with bros... Her name is Nicole, 21 years old thai university gal. She's here on a holiday with a friend, and is looking at some side income to "finance" her university studies....So to all my generous bros interested in helping out, here she is....kekeke

Her contact no is 014 229xxxx and she's based in Cititel (Mid-Valley KL) 014 2298597


My FR on Nicole...

Got a contact from a friend that his thai "girl-friend" (met in a GoGo bar in Tomyam Land) is in town and looking for some side income. Understand that she is a university gal in Thailand, here on a holiday and hoping to make some money to finance her studies....

Didi itchy, so decided to give it a try...call the number given and was greeted by a sweet sounding lady (with a strong thai accent and broken English). Ask her if Nicole was free and we fixed the appt...so off I went to mid-valley cititel. Once reached the hotel, I called her again to get room number and went up.

The door opened with a very sweet gal dressed in a sexy navy tank-top. She greeted me and asked me into the room. She wore a tight shorts that accentuated her curvy body...didi hard alredi man....

She asked if i wanted a bath, and I said ok...We stripped and threw our clothes on the dressing counter. Wow, her body very nice, but boobs was a little small. Her skin was very smooth and soft, very nice to touch. We got into the bathroom. Unfortunately, no bathtub and we only had a bath. She cleaned didi very gently and carefully - make me felt damn shiok. After a while, we got out and dried ourselves.

I got onto the bed, and she followed suit. She kissed my nipples gently and then moved slowly down to didi...she blew didi bare-back and wow, very shiok man...made me almost cum...she licked all my sensitive zones and suck passionately with soft moans. Best part, she was not rushy and gave me a "really" long and wet BBBJ...damn good...!!!!!

She then reached out for the condom, and capped me and ask me to fuck her. I teased didi at her cunt and wow, she already very wet. I inserted into her slowly and she let off a soft moan. Her pussy was tight and warm, like a typically 20 years old SYT....Slowly I increased my tempo till we were fucking very quickly...Her movement in rythum with me make it a really nice FJ....We changed to doggie and I fuck her rapidly. Her soft moans have grown slightly loudly and her face was in ecstasy. We changed back to missionary and I fuck her hard. After a few minutes of fucking, her sexy face, bouncing boobs, I cannot tahan and didi cum hard in her. I collapse onto her, fully exhausted and sexified.

We rested for a little while, and she helped to clean me up thereafter. She laid down beside me and we chatted for a while. She's hoping to earn some cash for her stuidies and ask me to help...So here I m, with my FR contribution for generous bros interested to help.....I have posted her pic on my Google Group Page (along with her contact) or PM me for her contact.... Hurry before she returns to Tomyam Land....

Name: Nicole

Age: 21 (university gal, here on holiday)

Body: 8.5/10 (very smooth and soft skin)

Boobs: 6.5/10 (a little small but firm)

BBBJ: 8/10 (nice suction, but you must ask not to cap...)

FJ: 8.5/10 (tight & warm SYT, will rock together with you)

GFE: 9/10 (very friendly and accomodately, but speak limited English)

Damage: RM150 1 shot / 1hour (though i think i stayed slightly longer than 1 hr)

Location: Cititel Hotel (nice room, but wasted no bathtub)


Cheongster: Wahlaue

Name: Nicole
Origin: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Cititel
Age: Claimed 21. Looks slightly older. Maybe 22-23.
Face: SYT Innocent and yet CFM. Typical TY looks with nice lips.
Body: 155cm slim.
Boobs: 30A cup - almost flat chested. Tiny translucent light pink nipple. Setback here
Armpit hair: None
Hair: Long straight shoulder level
Catbath: Full body - Neck, arm, nipple, thigh, knee and leg.
Pussy: Trimmed and little pricky at the side at times.
Pussy tightness: Tight. KY applied but with David Blaine motion - but I was fast enough to notice it.
Ass Rimming: N/A
DATY: I tried but was gently declined and I respected that decision.
BBBJ: Good suction, deep throat, long and slurpy, ball and shaft licking. A good 10-15 minutes. Looks at you seductively during BBBJ. Capped was done without me knowing and feels undisruptive.
FK: N/A. Light peek on the lips.
Moan: Soft, stimulating at times. Loud, vigourous and Western AV style at times.
FJ: Love it. Initiates every position. A good 30 minutes of bonking.
Bath: Cleaned, soaped and wash your body thoroughly. A good 15 minutes in here.
English: Limited but can converse. She's University student studying Marketing.
GFE: Hugs you like she owns your body. Good timing of tight hugs at the appropriate moments.
Damage: RM150

Hurriness Level: No Hurry. Take her own time and importantly take my own time. Occasionally asked me to "Don't cum so fast OK?". After action, chat for another 15-20 minutes. Total time spend the moment I step in and step out - about 1h 30mins.

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost
* WIR=Would I Return, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman
* FK=French Kiss