Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chinese version of milf Sarah Jay - Melody

Chinese version of milf Sarah Jay - Melody

Master: Ranok

Got number from webmaster. Whatsapped her and she replied quite fast.  She seems to be in a rush always going from one customer to another..guess she must quite popular.  She use wechat more...

Set appointment in ss2 hotel.  First impression i like.  Tall milf wearing glasses with huge boobs.  One negative point is she talks too much...she talks like you have whole day .

When she strip ...she reminds me of the porn actress Sarah Jay (all milf lovers should know her)...the chinese version due to her size and double EE boobs..but she is not fat

Went for shower ...she will wash you everywhere including clean blow your cock while squatting down..after ahower go to bed

Starts with massage ..quite strong.  Then do a catbath with some ass rimming about 15 mins...after that comes the blowjob . Started normal with her in front so keep squeezing her boobs...then pull her ass over my face and end up with a 69...pussy no smell but a bit hairy..very wet already...about 15 mins

Then she start to cap...cowgirl style .she started slow with the knee down cowgirl position ...then suddenly she just started doing squats cowgirl position....it was damn fast and hard she slam my cock...ssuper loud the pak pak pak sound  ...and whole time playing with the double EE boobs...i cannot tahan within 5 minutes unloaded everything...

She clean up for you properly and started talking again about her experience doing this freelance...i just listen for a while and left.

Damage : 250
Experience: chinese version of milf Sarah jay
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese :)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT

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Friday, May 6, 2016

First Encounter With Lin Big Boobs Lin

First Encounter With Lin Big Boobs Lin

Master: Walter

So, I initially got Devi's number from webmaster. Unfortunately whole of last week she period so cannot service. Since I pulak cannot tahan already, my second option was Lin. After some hardwork of getting her number, I messaged her via SMS and wechat. After some back and forth, managed to book her for the following day.

After work, teros shoot to her place. The address she gave was a bit generic, so got lost at first. She pulak fell asleep while waiting for me so never answer my calls. After 15 mins of pusing-pusing, managed to find the right place. Called her and went up to her house. It's a shop lot area. Quite quiet at night time. Not sure how private it is if go earlier.

Anyways, upon entering her house, we were both shocked. She said I looked very young(I have young face) and TBH I thought at first she looked like shemale. But thanks to all the FR that I read, confident a bit that she was legit and proceeded to the living room. We chatted for a bit, breaking the ice and she told me to go clean my self.

Very gentle and affectionate as she helped me to strip down cleaned me up thoroughly. After mandi, we went inside the bedroom where she asked 'macam mana mau pancut? Ringan or berat'. I was confused and she also was too shy to explain. She ended up showing me a condom saying that is berat. I said yes, and she proceeded to kiss my didi and licking my balls. She said a couple of times how big mine was but pretty sure that's her default line to all her customers.

She gave me a quick BBBJ, then capped me and she started riding me. She moans a lot which turns me on and I started to grab her breast and play with it. After a while I can't take it anymore and loaded while she still in cowgirl position and kissing me. She then proceeded with the massage for about 20 minutes, which I didn't find to be special. Fairly okay massage. But maybe that's because I'm not a massage person in the first place. During that time, we talked about work, her family and other stuff.

After massage, proceeded to 2nd round where we french kissed for quite a while then I turun bawah DATY here. I think she was enjoying that based on her moaning and all. After sometime spent down there, went back up and she shy said she almost cummed. Since belom get the job done, we teros 69 where she started to lick my balls and dick. Once she cummed I went back started playing with her boobs.

One thing I noticed is she gets shy once she cums. Apologised a few times since she cum when I DATY time. Tak tahan already, I pulled her towards the bed and almost entered uncapped(luckily). Teros stop, she capped me and then continued to fuck here while kissing here and playing with her big boobs.

After while, she suggested to doggie pulak. Did that for a good 10minutes and exploded while she was moaning the whole time. Felt a bit scared also, in case people hear and ketuk pintu. Once done, headed to the shower to clean up. She washed me head to toe, offered me listerine and all. Pretty hygenic and I'm happy with that. Also reminded me to mandi wajib. Haha !!

After all said and done. chilled at the sofa while she continuously offered me drinks and biscuits. Chatted for a bit while waiting for her next customer. Best part was that when he was downstairs, she was in no hurry to chase me off. GFE points there in my book. Asked me if she can SMS next time and such and kissed me before I left a satisfied customer.

Name: Lin Gombak
Face: 5/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
BBBJ: 8/10
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 10/10
WIR: Probably YES
Damage: RM200

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Super BBBJ MILF Klang - Hani(pic)

Super BBBJ MILF Klang - Hani(pic)

Master: offb

After i'm getting a contact number for Hani from webmaster, I whatsapp her and after a awhile getting a response saying she driving right now. So I just wait for her to reply.

After that I mention to her that I need her ful service and whether this week is ok, she said not available for the whole week and ask me to come the next week.

I took the first session on wednsday morning at 10 but move out to 11am as she said to tired. After getting the floor no I quickly go there and waiting for her to open the door. 1st impression is ok and we quickly go to the room, after getting naked n lay down she start massaging and feel very nice. She is talkative btw.

after 30 min of massage she suddenly suck my dick and make me shock but feels great.. she is great btw :). after that she pull me and put my face to her boobs.. all I can say is for someone at her age, her boobs is the best n fell full.. after licking n kissing she took the condom and put it to my dick.. after that we proceed with she at the top.. feels really great, after that move doggy and after around 10min I cant hold much longer and 'burst'....

after that go to shower with her, pay her and straigth go out as she said got another client at 12.. the secret that she has is she taking jamu..

Name : Hani
Age : 42 ?
Face : 7/10
Body : 8/10 I like to hug her
Boobs : 8/10
BBBJ : 9/10
Ass Rimming : 8/10
FJ : 8/10
GFE : 9/10 (Friendly and talkative)
WIR : Yes!!
Damage : RM150

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Busty Sally MILF

Busty Sally MILF

Master: Alex

Thanks to webmaster for her number. Managed to set appointment with her on one fine day. This will be my first experiment with the eldest MILF i have tried so far. here's the story:

went to the hotel mentioned by her in KL Sentral/Brickfields. easy to find. as usual called her for her room number at the hotel entrance. She opened the door and i can see a basically auntie look MILF smiled at me and asked "So how, would you like to come in?" in chinese. Her looks is fine with me and so i went in eager to try her service. She is definitely meatier than Peggy from Puchong, tall, short hair and a sizeable pair of boobs! passable face as well. well if you like MILF like me, you have no complaints.

as shared by other FRs, she was very chatty and told me I'm her first customer of the day. it was 1pm..she starts work at 11am daily. She told me why not tried her service and promised me to give me a good session since this is my first visit. within seconds, she took off her shirt and asked me take off mine too. Her boobs must be about 34C and bit saggy. She grabbed my didi and helped me took off my pants. Can feel like your auntie helping you to strip and shower after this (reminds me of my kid days). In the bathroom, she helped me to wash my body and clean my didi. my hand was grabbing her boobs and her ass during the shower.

After 5 mins, we went straight to action. she asked me to lie down and her mouth went inside my hard didi. the BJ is just OK - not as great as Peggy or Devi's skills. While she blowing me, my hand was busy grabbing her boobs and enjoying the view in front of me. oh did i mention she has a nice fair skin as well. after about 10mins, she went on cowgirl position and ride facing me. i love the way she swing her ass during the ride. obviously her experience helps. we then changed our position with me on top and banging her all the way. she hugged me and complimented me that I last quite long than most of her clients. aaaa..that gives me more encouragement and i stroke even faster. in the end, i came inside her with the cap on. was quite disappointed as i wanted to cum in her mouth.

i rested awhile on the bed and she looks satisfied as well. after 5 mins, Sally cleaned me in the bathroom. We chat for awhile and was talking about the heatwave recently and about her personal life. overall, she is a nice MILF ckt and asked me if the service was up to my expectation. She asked me to come back again.

Name: Sally 
Type: CKT Local
Body: 4/10 (auntie look)
Boobs: 34C (saggy)
Age: 55
FJ: 7/10
Cumswallow: Did not try
Daty: never tried
Damage: RM50

Location: Brickfield
Category: CKTMILF

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Monday, April 11, 2016

MILF Experience - Janet(pic)

MILF Experience - Janet(pic)

Master: Bobby

Got contact from webmaster and decided to try her out after 2 months. Wanted to make an appointment with her on Friday 10pm but she said she cannot make it if it is too late, so changed the appointment to 9pm.

Went to Setapak to pick her up from her apartment. Once she got into the car, she requested me to fetch her to her friend's apartment and she needed to pass her friend some money. I agreed and sent her there. When we arrived at her friend's apartment, she asked for RM100 first as she said she didn't have enough money in her purse. I was fine with it so I just paid her RM100 upfront. What came next really pissed me off.

Initially she told me she only needed 10 minutes so I waited patiently downstairs. After 15 minutes, she messaged me saying that her friend was on her way back so asked me to wait for another 15 minutes. Alright fine I just waited patiently. 30 MINUTES later, I asked her where she is, she replied saying she was still waiting for her friend to come back. I was like what the hell, waiting downstairs like an idiot for 1 hour. Finally, she came down after another 15 minutes, I was totally in a bad mood after waiting for 1 hour but yet I tried to keep myself calm. After that she directed me to the hotel she usually goes to, it was a roughly 5 minutes drive from her friend's place.

Went into the room, proceed with showering. After that I lied down on the bed waiting for her to come out from the bathroom. Once she was done, she came onto the bed, started off by sucking my nipple and then proceeding all the way down my little bro. She sucked my little bro but I don't feel any power suction at all, more like she was just doing the job fast. Then she lied down and asked my to suck her nipple and she used her hand to stroke my little bro. After awhile, she capped me and we started of with cowgirl, proceed to missionary and finished off in doggy style. Through out the process she was just kinda bored and seems like wanting the session to end as quickly as possible. This really turned me off as I don't feel any GFE at all.

Once we were done, we cleaned up ourselves, chatted a little bit then we left. Initially I thought I'll have to send her back to her place but instead she asked me to drop her at her friend's place, the place which I have waited for 1 HOUR. When we reached downstairs, I paid her the balance RM200 including the hotel, and she asked for another RM100, saying that she has not enough money, asked me to give her, I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HELL!(Not to say I'm stingy but this was really the first time I have encountered this kind of situation) I told her I have not enough money left in my wallet and she just got off the car after saying goodbye (I think she was kinda unhappy).

Overall, the experience is a BAD one.

Name : Janet
Race : CKT
Age : Early 30s
Face : 5/10 (very common look)
Body : 6/10 (a little bit tummy)
BJ : 5/10 (no power)
FJ : 5/10 
GFE : 0/10
Price : RM300
WIR : Definitely NOT

I am not a hard man to please but I really felt that she is not suitable for me. But of course you can try her out if you want. Who knows your experience might turn out to be better than mine.

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Old car engine but good performance milf kepong Anna

Old car engine but good performance milf kepong Anna 

Master: Wong

thanks admin for sharing anna contact. after get the contact straight away make appointment with her. set on 8.30pm hotel at kepong.

after reach the hotel give her a call then she tell me room no and ask me go counter to get key and enter the room first. i follow her

instruction. after 5mins she knock knock then i open the door. see a petite n skinny long hair milf. ice breaking for a while she help me

to take off my cloth and i help her to take off her cloth n bra. discover that ther boob r saggy and no bouncing , its nevermind to me ,

i can accept. when i take off her underwear i discover many cellulite from her lower abdomen to buttock. its ok. i dont really mind, what

i want is her performance. we take shower together n she clean me up. after tat i sit on bed wait for her. now the game begin. we french

kiss for 10mins. then she suck n lick my nipple at the meantime i finger her pussy. so disappointed her pussy very dry no water at all.

then ask her to suck my dick. her skill very very good make me almost shot. then ask her lay down n keep suck my dick. i fuck her mouth

till i almost shot. i think she accept cum in mouth. i didnt do tat. because i want fuck her hard hard. ask her to cap me n cowgirl me.

her cowgirl skill not bad. make me very enjoy. after tat she said tired then change to missionary. after 5 mins i ask her remove the condom

n use her hand to make me cum. oh yes. very nice, i shoot my soldier on her body. very satisfiy. after that clean my self n pay her rm200.

Name: Anna
kepong milf chinese 
age. : 45 i guess
boob : 33b saggy
body : skinny n petite
oral skill : not bad 9/10
daty : didnt try, i think she will allow.
gfe : normal only
moan : 6/10 
fucking skill : 9/10
damage : rm200

overall her performance above my expectation. she will do anything u ask her to do.

will come back for her.

Location: Kepong
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay :)

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Monday, April 4, 2016

3P with Celine & Jojo

3P with Celine & Jojo

Master: Wai

Have to thank webmaster for sharing her contact. Call her to make appointment and she mention 3 some. Of course want to try lo.

When the time for our appointment, she gave me a call and told me the room no. Straight went over and when enter the room, only her alone and told me her friend, Jojo will come later. Chit chat with her to break the ice and notice she is really chatty. After talk about 3 mins, she suggest for us to take shower 1st. After shower, we begin with her sucking my didi. She do has nice skill and about 5 mins sucking, Jojo arrive. As previously mention by other bros over here, Jojo is really flat but have a nice butt. She took her quick shower then join us.

Celine keep sucking my didi while Jojo went for my nipple. After a while she sits her pussy on my face while facing the wall. A really turn on for me and Jojo's pussy didn't smell at all. While daty Jojo, Celine capped me and doing reverse cowgirl on me. Another point for me to get more excited. After pumping and licking for about 10 mins, changed to doggy Celine and Jojo sucking my nipple. Pump for another 5 mins then cannot than and shoot my load.

Take rest and chat with both of them. They are really friendly and do chat a lot like we are long lost friend, haha. While chatting, Celine continuously stroking my didi, then suck it where Jojo went for my nipple. After getting hard again, this time I ask to fuck Jojo where she capped me and do missionary. It took me a long time for me to unload a 2nd time but when I do, it is fantastic and damn tiring.... Hahaha....

After that we clean up and Celine mention that she had other friends too if I'm interested. Paid her then left a happy man.

Celine Ckt Milf
Around 40 yo
Nice boobs

Jojo Ckt Milf
Around 40 yo
Flat but with nice ass
Loves daty

Damage RM250. Room RM30.

Good value for threesome and what I like about them is they are not rushing at all

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT