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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plumpy Mira NL

Plumpy Mira NL

Master: Devian

Once got her contact from webmaster, I wait until next 2 week before contact. Saw her photo on Telegram apps profile....she wearing glasses and quite plump.
1st time contact her, she only open for services on Thursday.Try to nego for friday...she said cannot becouse got hings to do.
Following week text her again,she said free!! Straight away go to her place.She give me address, and i arrive at her apartment.

Go up to her unit, knock the door,saw a girl, very plump (actually fat). She's wearing white coloir sexy lingerie.

Entering her room ( with unpleasent smell)....shes blow job...and then ask to fuck her.

Overall not really good since shes not my type. And the toilet also not hygiene.

Name: Mira
Age: 20++
Height: 4 ft ++
Figure: 3/10
Boobs: B cup only
Pussy: never try
BJ: 4/10
FJ: 4/10
Damage: 150

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: NL

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nice & Friendly Lisa(pic)

Nice & Friendly Lisa(pic)

Master: Naga

Already cheong her a month ago n only now got free time to write FR....

Got her no from webmaster.

A week later sms her. Immidiately she reply. Introduce myself n have a chit chat on wassap. She is very busy n i need to wait untill next week for make an arrangement to cheong her...for me it...

On cheong nite i arrive early to sunway mentari n i have to wait almost 1 hour coz she got a customer.....

After dat she sms me her room number. I knocked her door n she slowly opened the door n was supprised n happy to see her in sexy black lingerie....it make me worth for waiting her almost 1 hour....her skin is very smooth like other FR that mention her as snow white.....

Then we chit chat and go for shower while she lying on the bed waiting for me...when i complete my shower, she already naked on bed with smilling on her face n a bit notty face....

Then we proceed to BBJB....very good n not rushing n i can play with her tennage boobs with nice n hard nipples...

fingering on her pusy make her not tahan n ask for 69...i daty her hardly n she moarned...very sedap n i almost cum....

Then she cowboy me from slow to hard....she is very good to in cowboy..

Lastly i doggy her n explode my soldier in CD

What a great cheong dat nite coz not rushing.

Name: Lisa
Age: 31
Looks: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Breast: 6/10
Pussy: 7/10 (no smell)
BJ: 9/10
FJ: 9/10
Damage: rm150

Location: Sunway
Category: NL

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

GreAt vacuum on didi - Christy(pic)

GreAt vacuum on didi - Christy(pic)

Master: Just Blur

Today was my first time I. I got the contact from webmaster (Thanks!). 

Added her on WeChat, started talking to her after that. Talk about sun, moon, stars.....then about her problems. For me, its like, ok...... I just listen la. 

Made arrangements to meet up the next day, which is today, I booked the hotel, and waited. Door bell rang, 'gang cheong' cause first time. Open the door, hmmmmmm have to say a little disappointed by looks, totally different from pic wor.....

Never mind, we proceeded to take bath together and then go hot hot session. Her BJ was good, after a few minutes of BJ, she cap me then cowboy on me...... she was good over all, just she kept on talking about her problems. A little turn off. Maybe just wrong timing, girl mood swings kua. None the less, ok was interesting...... BJ was great :-p

Name: Christy
Nationality: Local Chinese (CKT)
Boob: 34B
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Look: 4/10
Service: 6/10
Hole: Fairly Tight
GFE: 7 /10, not rushing at all
Damage: RM200 two shot, 2 hour

Location: Bukit Jalil
Category: CKT
Remark: She is 1Malaysia, serve all races

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Skin smooth like young girl – CKT Christy(pic)

Busty Bakso Sika(pic)

Busty Bakso Sika(pic)

Master: Ray

Hi brothers,

Found a Mp nearby one utama beside the Pelangi condominiums. So happen I wechat discover and found its location. Located on the 3rd floor it s name does not reflect its a Mp. Inside very pleasant okt welcome and ask what service required. I stated my preference for a older girl and he showed me her photo stating she is 30+. Bakso named Sika.

As shown in her photo she's very busty. She come into cubicle wearing a huggy outfit showing off her meaty curves and I couldn't take my eyes off her ass...voluptuous and nice palm grab size so tempted hit her before massage session lol.

Start off standard sop, bathe self and then dry up await massage. Her massage quite relaxed and I started chatting with her. Found out she's a single mother to 9,yr old son and she's a divorcee. Worked massage in Bali before friend intro her to work in mp . first time out of her home country.

Back to the massage session she complete it by giving me a light finger massage around the ass to notify you its b,2b time. She stripped off her dress revealing a voluptuous 34c cup boob with small nipples nice indeed! What caught my eye was her rounded rump ass which she wore a mid cut panty which really got me excited. I stop her taking off her pantyand placed my face against her crotch to rub my face on it. She giggled Abd said koko nakal!

I pulled her panty down revealing a neat trim pubic bush and her pussy was of the meaty kind. Nice indeed!

She told me wait while she b2b me with her boobs on my back and than a follow thru on my front and massage my cock as a finale.

Asked her to allow me to daty and she'd spread her legs in unison. No smell and thick lips which I opened to see a somewhat still tight pussy in healthy pink. Stated daty and she moaned softly. Got myself high when I got into 69 with me on top and she stroked my cock and subsequently gave it a good suck. Asked can fj and she said that's extra. Asked 100 and I said sorry no budget cos earlier okt said no fj in shop. But seems they do it discreetly to earn extra. Found out commission is 50 per client serviced.

After daty her Kaw kaw she cannot tahan and ask want fj or not. I myself told her budget constraint so can take raincheck first and said can la Koko. Told her my price and she agreed with a smile. Yes you can negotiate for the extra service. She proceeded to give me a hj and meanwhile I took the opportunity to finger her wet pussy till she moan and up the tempo of striking my cock. Came within few minutes and she also moan same time.

Final sop she'll bathe with me scrub my body  and I did the same rub soap on her body and ass which was very stimulating.

After dress up had a brief chat with the okt and called it a night.

Name: Sika
Origin: bakso
Height 160cm
Body meaty and plump with lovely ass
Gfe: very good
Daty Yes
Bj Yes
Cim: not tried
Damage: b2b RM 128
Extra: to be individually negotiated
Wir: yes indeed.

Location: Petaling Jaya , Bandar Utama
Category: NL , OKT

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My 1st chinese girl Kimmy - Tight and Watery

My 1st chinese girl Kimmy - Tight and Watery

Master: Hazam

after got Kimmy number from the webmaster, start making appointment. Take her 2-3 days to reply my sms, she want me to meet her on evening after working hour.

I'm quite excited because this is my 1st time to try local chinese girl.
She ask me to cek-in 1 budget hotel at cheras area but Im late that time. When I arrive, she already cek-in in advance.

1st impression she was slim, good body shape and with normal local girl face look. Litte bit tired maybe becuse just finish work.

After 5 minutes of chit chat intruduce each other then we go to the business.

Normal SOP we take bath together.

On the bad she start to lick me all over my body. Her BJ skill is very good with her finger touching my tits (i like it). After that we go normal skill man up girl down while pumping she was moaning and hugging me so tight.

Then we go to doggy style (my feveret). With nice body shape and moving ass, make me can't tahan then unload my bullet all over her ass (ofcouse remove CD 1st)

Name: Kimmy
Age: 30 (not ask)
Location: Cheras
Nationality: Local chinese
Body: 7/10 (good looking body shape)
Boobs: 8/10
Puusy: 8/10 (tight and watery)
FK: Not ask
Damage: RM250 1 shoot per hour include room
WIR: yes

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay :)

Xiao Yu the young tight pussy, great BJ girl(pic)

Xiao Yu the young tight pussy, great BJ girl(pic)

Master: TeaRex

Booked her on a Tuesday evening for one hour,she is located at PJ area

Reached location had to text her,she texted me the hotel and the room number,and i just went up

The light was dimly lit,she asked me where i come from then i just told her that i came from work,and she was quite the cheerful talkative type,she took me in to shower

She put soap on my chest and kept on rubbing my didi,then just wash clean and dried and she asked me did i bring the dom dom,told her i brought myself some,she then capped me and BJ me,her skills in BJ not bad,know how to tickle the sensitive spots,like the tip.

After that didi rise di then she cow girl me,ghen she wants me to do her missionary so i did her but my didi seems like limping so she asked me to lay down again and tried to make it rise,the way she use her hand to touch my balls and sensitive spots was really arousing,the flag pole just went up straight then continue missionary,she then use my didi to arouse her vagina,seeing her excite with pleasure really turned me on,then i just sucked her nips,even more reaction but my didi after 10 pumps of missionary then limp again

But she is so nice,she said she help to wank it off,i just have to comply,again with her hand stroking my didi and the other touching the balls,didi also let her slowly get my sperm to burst out,the warm cum on my crotch,,she also have that moan impression even when i cum,she then take her time to wipe off the cum off my groin and then i wash up ,wear clothes and just paid her and left.

Name:Xiao Yu,晓喻
Age:she said 22
GFE:8/10(never even complain and she only focus helping you solve prob)
Boobs:7/10 B,soft
Fj:8/10  very tight and wet
Bj:7/10 still new but good at teasing it
Hj:8/10 warm hands make didi very fast go boom
WIR:Yes,when i am in full tip top condition

Location: Damansara Jaya
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Those sexy eyes - Sophia(pic)

Those sexy eyes - Sophia(pic)

Master: Ricboom1234

First time sharing, last time went to find a few girls but this time decided to write and share with all the cheongsters.

This time the one who I've tried is Sophia, I requested her hp num from webmaster long time ago but didn't have the courage to find her but at first after I added her, she already approach me and ask me whether am I free to find her. Wow! But that time I don't really feel like it. So let it cool for quite long. So today, I'm quite itchy, so I decided to go find her.

Location is somewhere near Cheras, easy to locate the place so don't worry, for sure you can find the place.

So after I've reached the place, I msg her, ask her where is it and then I went to find her.
Upon reaching, after opening the door, I saw no one there, apparently she was hiding behind the door.

First impression? She is a tiny and pretty girl, wearing a night sexy gown with her boobs busting out. And that sexy eyes of hers, until now I still can't forget it. Some of you might find it weird but I personally find it sexy thou. Different ppl different point of view I guess.

Probably because I'm new, she collect fee from me first. So I pay her first, then we chat a bit before we went to take a quick bath.

Inside the bathroom, nothing much happen as I'm quite nervous because it has been quite sometime I didn't cheong already. She helped me clean my lil bro very gently and I love the way she touched it. Oh man, I want more of it :p Chatting while bathing, so briefly after 10 minutes, she asked me to wait outside.

So after she's ready, the film starts rolling here.
She suck my nipples first, so nice I would say.

After that, she start B2B with me and I felt great with her boobs touched my lil bro.
Then the REAL DEAL comes, she started sucking my lil bro like there is no tomorrow. Oh man! She is like hunger for it! I'm pretty sure if she suck it for a few more minutes, I would probably CIM already.

So she capped my lil bro, we proceed to do cowboy, missionary and that's it.
Sorry guys, no kiss kiss here. Maybe we are still not close or what but she said, no kissie kissie. Oops XD

By the way, love how the way she yell and sound she made why she is riding on top of me. DAMN BABY!

Would definitely find her again if I have the chance XP

Name: Sophia
Nationality: Local Chinese (CKT)
Boob: 34B (Definitely recommend for a boobs lover)
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Look: 9/10 with the attractive eyes
Service: 8/10
Hole: Didn't try. Don't feel like it today
GFE: 10/10, not rushing at all
Damage: RM300 per shot, 1 hour/ RM500, 2 hour

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT
Remark: She only serve Chinese :)