Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mila superb HJ session

Mila superb HJ session

Master: Kenes

Mila was one of the nice NL I frequented once in a while since a few years back. Decided to try her out again after 1 year or so. When I arrive, she's no longer as hot as she was previously and has put on weight and also got a tummy.

Slightly disappointed, we proceeded for the standard massage which is nothing to shout about as I was eagerly waiting for the dessert. Once she called me to flip over, she starts to massage and give me the usual batin. She seldom asked if I wanted anything extra, so I had to make the initiative and I settled with just removing the top. You can go all out with totally nude but no FJ.

So after showing her glorious tits which is one of the finest I've tasted all this while, I tried hard not to cum so soon. I wanted to suck it but was stopped as that requires extra $$. I agreed and went on to devour her fine tits. Her HJ was slow and not rushing which is good but it was hard not to cum as I'm a boob lover. After a few minutes, I released my load.

She has deteriorated in the looks department looking rather haggard and unfit but luckily the tits are still as good.

Name: Mila
Age: Late 20s
Body: 6/10
Face: 6.5/10
Boobs: 9/10
HJ: 9/10
GFE: 7/10
Damage: 100 + massage

Location: Petaling Jaya , Massage Parlour
Category: NL

Monday, August 29, 2016

Big boos (38D) MILF bakso erotic B2B massage - Ekha

Big boos (38D) MILF bakso erotic B2B massage - Ekha

Master: Jason

Got her ctc no. from a webmaster.

Have been trying her few times. And is my first time writing her FR. As i quite a busy person.
She is a MILF from bakso and doing freelance in Pudu area hotel.
She provide oil massage with Urut batin and also B2B.
Her massage consider good and strong enough and erotic...

Call her and mk appointment ard evening. And she is available.
Reach there earlier and parked at basement.
Give her a call and she will provide her room number.

Knock on her door and she open the door for you.
if u r her regular, she will wear sth sexy.
her sizeable boobs is her main asset.
chatted with her and drink some water.
thn, proceed to bathroom to clean myself.
she will bath with u upon request. just i prefer to bath alone.

after bath and dry myself up with towel, direct to the bed and lay naked.
she will startt massage ur back with baby oil.
if u prefer better oil, could bring along ur own oil.
Ard 20~30 mins of nice and strong massage, she will ask u to turn to front.
From front, she will still massage ur arms and legs for another 10mins.

After that, the erotic moment come.
She will start to massage ur crotch and groin and carry out her skillful urut batin with oil.
If u r her regular, she will automatically undress in front u and carry out her B2B oil massage from front.
She will slide her big boobs in between ur dick and slide up and down on ur whole upper body.
Is really huge and heavy boobs and so erotic that it will make u cum if u r a beginner.

Then, she will lay down and ask u to knee and place ur dick in between her big boobs and do a boob job.
And fuck her boobs until u cum all over her big boobs. What a MILF!

After cum all over her big boobs, lay down rest for a while.
Thn, proceed to clean up myself and pay her. So refresh.

P/S: if she prefer u, u could do FJ with her with some extra pay.
banging her from behind in front of a mirror with her big boobs movin back and forth.
Nice view.

Name: Ekha
Origin: Bakso
Boobs: 38D (big boobs)
Body: a little fat and meaty
Age:Almost 40
Face: Normal MILF face
Height: 5' 2"
Massage: Good oil massage (Strong enough) + Urut batin
B2B: So erotic with her big boobs plus oil.
HJ/Boobs job: It make u cum on her tits. (Nice!)
FJ: Depends
Damage: 150~200 per hour

Location: Pudu
Category: NL

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hardcore with Devi

Hardcore with Devi

Master: Atom

Dear all bros, this was my first FR after visit the legendary Devi. I got Devi number from webmaster and immediately make an appointment 3 days after.

The appointment was last Thursday at night 10PM initially. However, due to my urge I had somehow manage to finish all my OT work damm earlier about 6.30pm..(Don't even care the quality of work ald..heheheh) . My load was kept for 3 days for this moment and it make me even more desperate. I tried my luck to reschedule the appointment to 7pm but can't make it as she got other customer. Somehow around 7.45pm, receive her message "Devi free now".. Holy shit !! Immediately ignore my dinner and reach there within 15mins.

The surrounding of the place are really in bad condition...like squatters.. But surprisingly Devi's unit are so proper cleaned up..
Frankly the face look really not bad and i'll give 7/10. She was wearing a black colour shower robe when she opened the gate. Already showing her cleavage and the robe was really short that already make my didi stiff.
Of course I try to act like gentleman and be polite and start sitting on the sofa pretending to watch TV. The moment she bring me the tea, really cant stop to peep below her robe..hehehe

After some stupid chat on traffic, she started to sit closer and I started to slowly touch her from below. She then help unbutton my shirt while my hand already reach the 36DD..
Don't know why she suddenly become wild and grab my stick with full of passion (I'll tell you why at the end). My wild personality come out ald by untied her robe knot and immediately grab the 36DD strongly and keep squeezing.. It feels so good and suck her tits real hard... Damm she moaned like a desperate housewife bitch...

She then pull me to bathroom and ask me to cleaned up my didi... I just did it without really take shower and then go straight in to her room. She was like amaze with my huge stiff didi and she start with a deep throat BJ and it feels so great!!!... The moment I heard that choking from her, it make me even more excited which I never tried before. And she keep doing it for 5 minutes and I think she really like it when I am being rough/hardcore to her.... Abit hard to do 69 position as she was quite short...

But then suddenly she told me "Bang, condom habis" ..I was like shit man!! ..I am that kind of SAFE person..Luckily I always had 1 spare with me..not sure it was expired or not...go search my purse and show her the glory...We start with squat doggy and then ask her to stand up for a standing doggy and keep grabbing her big boobs from behind real hardcore !! Maybe I had keep the load for too long (3days ) then stop awhile and change to missionary... We have our dirty talk and she moaned like my dream bitch while I fully play with her boobs... Really can't hold it anymore after about 3-5mins then tell her I'll feed her with my cum...and she said "Yes please..." Then uncap and immediately shot all over her boobs and straight bring it to her face for a suck up.... She dont really eat it while keep throwing out while sucking and lastly play my cum with her finger...Damm I was like just cast an AV..She then massage my balls for a while and then go clean up while I rest on bed...

Then I go cleaned up and join her watching TV at living hall. I then ask her if the previous customer had finish her last condom ?..She told me that previous customer can't do action which only BBBJ cummed ald....Now you know why she so desperate for my didi..!! Then just pay and bye bye..!!

Will sure go for her again next time...

Name: DEVI
Originate: Indon (hindu)
Area: Old Klang Road
Face: 7/10
Body: 6/10 (Chubby and a bit short)
Boobs: 8/10 (So Nice)
FK: Nice with Hardcore
Pussy: CLEAN, NO SMELL AND Surprisingly tight 
BBJ: 8/10
WIR : Sure will go again
Damage: RM200

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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Friday, August 26, 2016



Master: Aizzu

Got Lin phone number from webmaster. He told me she is very good and if you’re inexperience she is very gentle. Add her on my wechat, immediately she message me asking who am I and where I got her phone number. So I told her etc and she replied when I’m going to come over. Apa lagi say tonight at 10pm.

Went to her place near Batu Caves, her place is on top of shop houses. Arrived early message her but no reply. Around 10:30pm she replied saying sorry she fell a sleep and told me to come up. When arrived at her front door she opened the door and I can only see here head, she was like trying to sneak me into her house.

When enter her place that is when I first lay eyes on her, she is short but not fat, she was really friendly apologizing about being late replying my message. She gave me drink and chated for a while. Then she says we can start now. She showed me to her room which is dimly lighted and beside the hard bed there is this huge mirror. Ask me to strip and lay down on my tummy to start message. Her message is so good that I almost fell asleep. While she massages me we chatted and sometimes she is on her phone replying messages.
After an hour of massage she asked me want to “urut” only or “mau pancut-pancut”, I straight away says “pancut” she ask me to turn around and begin to jerk me off. I asked her to please strip naked while jerking me which she obliged. Straight away I grab those 36c boobs she yelp a bit sating not to rough because her boobs are sensitive due to she is almost nearing her that time of month. So I suck on it gentely and she moaned. She says “suka isap nenen ya” and I just nodded my head. I asked to see her pussy but she says “malu lah puki Lim hitam” which I dont care.

I started to caress her pussy, about to insert my finger and she says no because of bad experince with previous customer who scratched her inner pussy wall. Then she continue jerking me off and without warning went down and gave me a blowjob. OMG that is my first blowjob and it is out of this world. She was sucking and did some amazing tounge movement and I was like frozen. I can’t speak or react to anything. After about 5minutes I told her I was going to cum, instead of stoping blowing my penis she became faster bobbing up and down, needless to say I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of the cum. She looked at me and say “emmmmm rasa macam milo ais” WTF. After that she left the room and went to the toilet to wash her mouth with listerine.

When she told me about her price and hours. So I opted for 2hour 2cum which is RM250. So she continued messaging me. This time on my shoulder area which Is always in pain. For 40 minutes she massage me, and she was like burping throughout the massage saying I have a lot of “angin”. All of the sudden she was on top of my back with her exposed pussy rubbing on my back. I got really turned on of her warm pussy rubbing on my back. She turned me around and ask me am I ready for the next round which I say okay. She asked want a blow job or before she could finish I say I want FJ. She ask me got condom which I reply no, she cheekily smile and say “tak apa Lin ada”.
She gave me a blow job which is again mind blowing. She put on the condom and ask me what position I prefer. I said up to her in which she reply she prefer to be on top.

So kissed her neck, boobs and was grabing her butt, then she wispered into my ear “Lin nak rogol kamu”, she pushed me and rode me like I was a wild bull. She was moaning (which I doubt is genuine) calling “bestnya kote adik”. Her boobs were all over up, down, left and right, without warning she bent down and suck on my nipple. Another OMG moment, she was sucking and bitting it. She was stil ridding me until I came. She got of, pull of the condom and wipe my penis.

Then she took my hand and went to the toilet for shower session. It was normal nothing special. She was washing me with soap and etc. After we’re done she wiped me dried, I put on my clothes and I paid her. She says normally she would invite to sit down and chat some more while watching tele, but she has a customer who is coming over at 1:30am. I was kinda disappointed but she says to me next time she will give extra loved ng if I come over again. Left her place while driving got her message saing she enjoyed the time spent hope to see me soon.

Name: Lin 
Location: Gombak
Nationality: Bakso
Face: 5/10 (average, butt chin and she does look kinda like Zila Bakrin)
Boobs: 9/10 (ok lah, 36C according to her)
Pussy: Tight, dont smell
Service: 9/10
Damage: 150 2 hours plus cum twice
WIR: maybe

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016



Master: Aizzu

a horny night start when i text ida asking her if she free, i got reply with many question until she agree to meet up. she text me her place address on that night, i drove my car and wait at place she suggest me.

after 15 minutes of wait, i saw milf with tudung come to my direction. she enter my car and she is very talkative. she again asking many question and finally we both agree to rock the world on that night. we went to near hotel. she take off her tudung and ask me to check in.

the real story begins here, she ask me to pay first and then go take shower. after i finish my shower, i directly lay on bed naked. she start rubbing my didi and bj. she bj so nice, my didi very enjoying it ..hahaha. i ask her to naked. dont expect much bro.. you know milf body and boobs how its look :D. i start suxk her nipples.. and daty her. she seem enjoy it and like it. you can feel the wet of her pussy. she again bj me for several minutes and start to cap my didi. she cow me gently.. and it feel good.

Then I turn her around and start to missionary. she know how what should she done. sometimes she helping you to shake . few minutes later i explode on cd. we wash up and get our dress. check out and  i sent her home.

Name : Ida
place: PPR area ampang
Age : around 30++ (widow)
Looks : 6/10
Body  : 5/10
Breast : 6/10 milf boobs dont expect much
Pussy : 8/10 test by yourself
BJ : 8/10
FJ : 8/10
GFE : 4/10
Damage : RM150+rm40(hotel) (one shot)
WIR : maybe

Location: Ampang
Category: NL , MILF
Remark: She serves malay only n very particular in body hygiene.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Master: Aizzu

Always heard about this local ckt Ah Ling, my bros told me that her service is great. So last month, I decided to made an appointment to try her out. Texted her and requested to meet up at night, but she told me she is working at night so we fixed the appointment in the evening.

When I arrived, I was surprise that she was actually wearing like an OL. The office wear was tight-fitted and she looked curvy in it. We chat for a little while then she lead me to the bathroom for shower. She was quite nice while washing my dick and ass thoroughly.
Dried myself up and then waited for her on the bed, she came out from bathroom with towel wrapping her body. Then suddenly she just hop onto the bed and started sucking my dick slowly and gently.

Then she increased her pace and suck it hard and deep. She was licking it and playing around my dick with her tongue. After that, she started to rim my ass, at first I wasn’t really enjoying it but then she asked me to turn around with my butt facing on top. She started to rim my ass wildly and out of a sudden she fucked my ass with her tongue roughly. Suddenly, I felt myself in heaven!

After having enough foreplay, she capped me and we started fucking. Started of with Ah Ling on top, but couldn’t handle her she was a little bit heavy. So we changed to doggy style, fucked her hard from behind. Her moan was loud and very seducing, and motivating me to fuck her even harder. Finally, we changed to missionary style and lasted for around 10 minutes before I CIM her. She sucked everything cleanly.

Name: Ah Ling
Age: 40+
Face: 6/10
Body: 5/10 (A little chubby)
Boobs: 8/10
BBBJ: 9/10
Ass Rimming: 10/10 (The part where will make you feel like HEAVEN)
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 8/10 (Friendly and talkative)
WIR: Most probably
Damage: RM150 (2 shot)

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016




Happened on third week of July 2016. Made appointment with her for 11pm. Trying to contact her around 5pm as I wasn't busy and plan to meet her earlier. Besides, better do it while the sun still up, will have a perfect view of her whole body. But I wasn't lucky as she turned off her phone. So I can only meet her at 11pm.

I arrived at her place as promised. A bit dark as she turn off most of the lights inside her house. Only light coming from the tv make me visible to look at her. After more than a year since the last time I've visited her, she look almost different. Just like she just finished being on threesome or more. What the hell, it's been a while since my didi being sucked  by this lady. I just proceed chatting with her. She still remember me and while chatting and at the same time her eyes watching the program on tv, both of her hand played with my didi and trying to unzipped my pants. Slowly my didi turns to KL tower.

Now, she give full concentration bj my didi..mmm its does felt good. So far through my experience, she's on top of my list when it comes to bj. She took almost 10 minutes....lucky for me although I love being bj but so far not even a single fl managed to make me cim. Maybe i prefer fj to fill my sex urges.

Then slowly i take off my clothes and hers. Play with her softy sagging boobs. Squeeze and press it....playing with her black nipple....mmm....such a good experience....then she pull my hand and bring me towards her room. Light inside the room only covered by a rechargeable light. I noticed it being positioned on the table.

Devi continued to bj my didi. I just let her. Then I positioned her to make me easier to daty her. No smell at all. Clean shaven. Her pussy still chubby as always. Continue for a few minutes until she reach her climate or is it faking. Really don't care much. She put CD on my didi and I proceed with FJ while she still laying down. Then position changed. She's on top of me. Cowgirl..then I asked for a final position before I cum. It's the doggy style. By now, the light are getting dimmer every second. Devi already position herself. As for me, I'm looking for the correct hole before inserting my didi.

Slowly I've insert my didi. A bit difficult at first, and I'm feeling a little bit awkward but then it becomes easier. I continued inside and out while my left hand at top of her butt and my right hand grope one of her big boobs. I do this until I cum on my CD. After finished my things, I suddenly ask Devi whether I've insert in the right hole or not. She say that I was doing anal to her....uhhh, no wonder it's bit tight. I've asked her why she didn't stop me buy she told me it's ok. She even like it. Either hole is fine with her. Damn it's truely my first anal experience and I do like it.

We're chatting for almost half an hour before she asked me whether  I wanted to do second round or not. Fine with me. She asked me to doggy her on top of her table while watching the tv...hehehe i really love it.....took a longer time before I can cum as it were a second round.....

Can't really remember what time I took off as it's quite late and I'm truely tired for the night. Until now I can't wait to do anal with her again. To fellow brothers, if it your first time with her, better try fj in her pussy first rather than straight to anal, she might not like it. As for me, I'm her regular customer....

Name: DEVI
Area: PJ
Face: 5/10
Body: 5/10
Boobs: 8/10 (as for me)
FK: allowed
BBJ: 8/10
Damage: RM200

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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