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Friday, November 21, 2014

Appointment with a sensual flower - Pinoy Rose

Appointment with a sensual flower - Pinoy Rose

Master: Gene 

I got this contact from webmaster after feeling itchy to try a filipino. 

I was warned prior that she doesn't look very beautiful but her skills is very good. Since this is just for entertainment purpose the appearance doesnt matter a lot. I gave her a short sms and got a reply in a short while. 

She gave me the location and asked me to call her once reach this place. So I reached this place and parking my car, called her and guided to reach her place. When the door was opened, I already has all the preparation and my friend was right. 

She wasnt a looker but no big deal. she offerred drink and some snacks to chit chat for a while. Then she bring me to the bathroom for was and at the same time give a slow bj just to up the mood. After a short period, we moved to the bed and she continued with bj. It was very sensual. After some bj and hj, it was all over. 

Boy I must say this is a great feeling. There was a 2nd session but I couldnt take it anymore because of tiredness. So rested and chat for a while before paying and leave the place. She's quite talkative telling me about her country and all.

Name: Rose
Age: ~32
Appearance: 3/10
Price: 150
WIR: Maybe no

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Philippine Girl

Monday, November 17, 2014

Lunch Hour Gateway to ANN

Lunch Hour Gateway to ANN

Master: Superxtra

Just have time to write up this report.... got her  contact from webmaster. straight away sms her. but se replied abit late.

she arranged to meet up during noon time ad her apartment. so I reached there a 2pm. but she was having lunch, I have to wait for her to come back home around 3pm. then she invited to her place where she is stayng there with her friend that was like a ninja (face is fully covered) and had some chit chat. 

the funny part her bed broke have to do on chair. she started out with BBJB (manage to rise my pole up to KLCC).. Then she goes into cowgirl.. the ride was soooooo nice (she moan abit cause afraid the neighbor heard it) then I switched into Doggy cause my back is killing me. Rammed her real nice with I grabbed her boobs..

after 10 mins ramming her I unload..then we resume chit chat bout her... then my office been texted me for a meeting, so I have to finish up early since my office been calling me for which I cant finished up on my 2nd shot . END.

Name: Ann
Nationality: Malaysia
Location: Bkit Jalil
Age: 27 (as what she said)
Face: 3/10 (not my taste)
Body: 4/10 (plum)
Height: About 150cm
Skin: a bit dark. 
Kiss: didnt try 
Boobs: 6/10 (Quite big)
Pussy: 5/10 (not so tight...what to expect) 
BBJB: 8/10 (can stand a KLCC while flaccid)
CIM: She asked for it but I didnt like for facial
DATY: Didnt asked
FJ: 7/10 (limited space n position to try)
Anal: Didnt asked
Moan: 3/10 (moan lil)
GFE: 7/10 (love to chit chat)
Rush: No.. smooth sailing
Damage: 150 (2shot) but i just used 1 shot cause i neeed to rush back to the office  
WIR: nope.. no thanks

Location: Bukit Jalil
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

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Her pussy squeeze my gun - NL Lisa(pic)

Her pussy squeeze my gun - NL Lisa(pic)

Master: Superxtra

Just got back from riding this NL. 

First I've got the contact from webmaster, I straight away SMS her.

After 2 days, she agrees for meeting (for which I took Master Ashraf advice for telling straight to her) . for which she mostly available on Weekends. During weekdays she have to wake up early for work but i manage to get her to squeeze her time frame.

On the meeting, she booked the hotel for which I have to buy the CD cause she asked me to buy (Nvm for personal safety). 

Then, cut the story short, due to poor phone reception the play has been delayed 1/2 hour due to it. Then the play starts with a cat bath then she, BBJB me. for which that was quite nice. like vacuum. almost cum but i manage to hold it. then she slips on the helmet. It get intense while I pile her on classic missionary. then I cant hold it cause she moans passionately while biting my ear lobe. then rest for a while with some small chit chat bout her gem stone which she wears as necklace which was glowing in the dark (quite cool for me).

then 2nd play starts while she sucking my nipples. then my gun goes up like a flag pole. she did some handjob short while then slips on the helmet again. now she is getting all wet (cause i cares her clit) while she slips it in her juicy pussy just the way she like it, in a cowgirl position. wooooooooooo.. she rode me like damn.. switch to doggy.. 

then into some creative missionary(dont know how to describe) which made her pussy squeeze my gun damn nice.. rest abit cause she been orgasm like few times and felt abit tired. still haven't given up my last shot. I put her into gangnam backstroke for a finishing. She laugh abit cause i told the name of the position that was myb new to her(after i finished up). 

we cleaned up and kissed goodbye. END.

Name: Lisa
Nationality: Malaysia
Location: Sunway
Age: 28 (as what she said)
Face: 6/10 (sweet for view)
Body: 6/10 (just nice abit tummy but negligible)
Height: About 160cm
Skin: Fair & smooth
Kiss: 2/10 (just lips) 
Boobs: 4/10 (not a fan of small boobs... A cup mybe)
Pussy: 7/10 (quite tight when she flex her muscle) No smell
BBJB: 8/10 (almost like a vacuum)
CIM: Didnt asked
DATY: Didnt asked
FJ: 7/10 (she knows how to handle you)
Anal: Didnt asked
Moan: 8/10 (moan like crazy)
GFE: 7/10 (love to chit chat)
Rush: No.. smooth sailing
Damage: 350 (2shot) + Hotel
WIR: Myb

Location: Sunway
Category: NL

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Syiok wild girl - CKT Yesdy(pic)

Syiok wild girl - CKT Yesdy(pic)

Master: Ken

She got very strong gf feel! i call her few times but no answer la...then at night she sms me back and i chat with her lo, few sms la. 

without wasting lot time i then i make appoinment with her for saturday, walau...fully book wo, ok lo sunday lo. im the first customer on sunday la (nice nice) i went to a mamak nearby Manjalara Kepong before the session to relax.

She then text me after 20 mins like that. tell me the room number and i go find her. she open the door, lo

Name: Yesdy
Location: Kepong 
Origin: CKT 
Age: 25 i think
Face: hot
Body: slim, just nice Boobs: 6/10
BBBJ: 8/10 syoook
FJ: 9/10 DATY: wet 
GFE: 10/10 really good
WIR: Definately 
Damage: RM 250.00

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wild Dancing Pinoy girl - Aliyah(pic)

Wild Dancing Pinoy girl - Aliyah(pic)

Master: Charlie

Dear brother here is my FR from last week Wednesday :

Thanks to webmaster to share the contact. Last week i text her if she is available or not on Thursday and she said ok , suddenly I had some urgent to attend to and I brought the meet up on Wednesday Night and she said she would be fine.

I went to her place ,then I text her for the room number while I was on the way. She replied me after a while and gave me her room number.

Then i went and knocked the door , I saw a sweet girl just wearing bra and panties. She lead me into her room and ask to rest for a while. Then while resting, she kept dancing there which was something diffrent. Later, she say lets go bath togather, then i pull off my pants and run to the bathroom..

While having the bath she BJ me a couple of times and I almost penetrate her we pussy. For 5 mins we were playing in the bathroom.

After that she start to dancing in front of me naked seducing me with the soft music playing in the background.

She came onto the bed dancing started cat bath me slowly and and my dick got hard and solid she notice that I was ready for her to attack. We started off with cowboy where she rides me and grinding me all the way. Then we switched sides when I was doing missionary on her then after a while we did doggy style , where she totally loved it and had a great time with her

Finally she started to BJ me again without beret and I exploded my soldiers in CIM.

Took shower at her place she gave me love kiss, and promise her to come again.

Age:26+ (That was what she told me)
Boobs:7/10(A bit small)
Service:10/10( very very nice)
BJ:10/10 ( Awsome ,  Great)
OWO: 9/10
Kiss:9/10(soft kiss)
Moaning:9/10(real Horny)
Rush:10/10(No rush)
Damage:RM 180 + tips ( 1 Shoot)

Location: Sunway
Category: Pinoy
Remark: She only serve Malay and Chinese

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

HOrny Petite GFE NL - Xara(pic)

HOrny Petite GFE NL - Xara(pic)

Master: AB

The first time I contacted her  to get a slot, her response on SMS :-
- Outstation 2 days pre-booking
- Local 1 day pre-booking
- Super duper horny 2 hours

I responded to her I'm super duper deluxe ultra  horny and need it in the next hour or so... Being such a kind person she is, she agreed to meet me up in the hotel in sunway mentari area. This is a life saver.

So I went to the hotel and waited for her and called her to confirm on the hotel I'm in. And a little girl answered the phone....OoOOoO very miang kinda little girl she's definitely a tenor if she sings... and minutes later she came *knock-knock*, opened the door and there she is!!

Big eyes, long curly hair, looks to me around 26-27, short, but overall "I'd bang her!!" quality

Came in and started saying to me in a very japanese hentai voice 
"why are you so horny~ ?"
(at the same time grabbing her towards me)
"well because you look sexy and I'm gonna burst"
"really~ ?"
(I moved her hands to my didi)
"wow~ so big, you really horny~"

I was sitting on the bed and she's standing and she lowered herself down to me and started FK and my hands are all over her... she then starts unbuttoning my shirt, and I suggested me taking a bath first... Of course she said she's not taking bath as she came from house, so I went in alone and washed up.

Once out of the bath, she tugged on the towel while I was standing next to the bed, and started sucking on my didi, but she's more like licking it like a lollipop. 

Unfortunately, she doesn't really go deep throat and usually just manage to get half the shaft into her mouth, but good enough as her tongue is good. While she's sucking, I slowly peeled off her dress and then unhooked her bra, pushed her down on to the bed, and continued FK and yanked her pants and panties off. She's got a really cute pussy and a shy clitoris completely concealed within her pussy lips, shaved.... slowly from licking on her nipples, going down and DATY... spreaded her pussy lips and tongue slowly looking for the target, and she's trembling and can feel spasm on few seconds intervals once I started attacking it... After a while fingering her deep...

After I'm done, I laid down on the bed and her turn to suck on me again, all the while she's sucking my fingers kept teasing her pussy lips and her juice is on free flow... Few minutes later capped and started to cowgirl me. Up down left right round and round tremble~~~ Rinse and repeat, Up down left right round and round trembleeeee... Kinda nice, but I'm not too big of a cowgirl fan so moved on to missionary. Kept pumping and she's constantly trembling and giving out hentai porn sound effect, which is good for me~ Laid down side ways and I can't seem to cum at that point... so laid down and continue stroking on my didi, FKed again and felt hungry to move on to another DATY session....

Recapped with her CD ( durex pleasuremax I think ), and started pumping again on sideways, but the CD is too thick for me, although studded, but the hardon didn't last, but I could feel she's enjoying it as at one point she had her eyes half closed, cross-eyed, like going to faint and floating on cloud 9... Since I went limp, I pulled out and she said she want my didi, so I moved and knelt near her, decapped and she started sucking on it again and fingering herself.... at this point I achieved hard on again and started raping her mouth, hands supporting her head and neck and moving in and out... she finally cum and I quickly recapped using another CD (fetherlite) and started pumping on missionary and sideways until unloaded.

Name : Xara/Sara
Origin : Sarawak 
Location : Hotel in Sunway mentari
Duration : 1 1/2 hours
Age : 23 she said
Face : 7.5/10
Body :7/10 slight baby fat on tummy region
Boobs : 6/10 About A-cup, and it's firm.
FK : Yes
BBBJ : 5/10
Pussy : 8/10 shaved, looks tight, no smell
DATY : Yes 
FJ : 8/10
GFE : 10/10 I do feel it's kinda like FuBu experience, and a freaking horny, polite, patient FuBu lol
WIR : Yes
Damage : RM250 - RM50 for hotel

Location: Sunway
Category: NL

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cheras Wing 2nd round after 1 year cheong training(pic)

Cheras Wing 2nd round after 1 year cheong training(pic)

Master: Ken

My 2nd visit, after almost 1 year and cheong different CKT and NL I start to miss her. 

Call her see she remember me or not but she very direct n say no (is ok) then I direct with her also say want to meet her lo. Then she say call me back, may be got people near her. 

She sms me back after 1 hour like that then say meet up Sat morning. I like morning, nice! Sat morning i go to same lrt place at cheras, i fetch her last time there n wait for her, smoke to relax a bit...gan jeong coz long time didnt see her d. 

When she see me she said she remember me wo (heart shiok la) then fetch her go to a budget hotel, different hotel i go last time but is ok. park car then check in n go to room, kuku start hard d. reach room we chat a bit then go bath, relax n slowly. she very nice, no rush. 

we bath and she bj a bit in toilet then clean up d i sit n wait her come. then normal things la, lick my niple bj, 10 min like that i go down play her pussy but she still want bj so we 69 style d. den 5 min like that i see her pussy so wet i beh tahan lo. put on cap doggy kau kau...fuh...change style few times den unload d. 

she moan load load, very shiok. rest abit smoke together talk again, wah after awhile she come n play my kuku again, my kuku also very shiok that day n stand up even just awhile. second round i think 10 min only la, tired le...she very wild. then unload lo. 

very wild girl like always, good gf feel la, can talk to her hamsap stuff kuku also can hard.

Name: Wing
Location: Cheras
Origin: CKT 
Age: 25 (didnt ask)
Face: 5.5 (but ok la, longer u see better)
Body: slim
Boobs: 6/10
BBBJ: 8/10 
FJ: 9/10 DATY: wet 
GFE: 9/10 good
WIR: Yes
Damage: RM 300.00

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT
Remark: She serve Chinese ONLY

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