Friday, February 12, 2016


(Baby will be retired on 28 Feb 2016 after her exam, and maybe looking for Sugar Daddy only)


Got her contact from the webmaster and wasap her after few weeks later. Wasap her a given password so she know what is the purpose you text her. Check in at the hotel that she insisted. Make appointment with her for 6pm. Luckily I check in at the hotel for the full day and not for just 2 hours. She arrive in front of my room around 8:30 pm. More than 2 hours of waiting. But I'm ok with that because not much thing to do on that night.

As what I can remember, she was wearing a black dress on top. Such nice cleavage to look at. Can't remember what she wear on bottom. I'm too much concentrating on her top. Damn. Her boob really big. A little bit small than the famous DEVI. She make herself felt like home. I pay her first as she insisted on it. We chat for quite a long time to make ourselves more comfortable. Than she asked me to start as she need to see another client after that.

She switch off the light and get naked. I can see clearly by the tv lights that her body is quite chubby. She just laying on bed naked for me to start with. At first I want to kiss her but she told me that she will never kiss a client. And some of the rules she mention to me that she will not do.

I start with catbath her body all over while both of my hand pressing and caressing her boob. Her boob is very soft. At the same time, her right hand was reaching to my didi and play with it. Then I went to her bottom and play with her pussy. Still dry. I ask for her permission to daty her. She agreed. This time, I took longer than I used too when I daty someone. I daty her until I make sure that she already reach her climate.

Then I asked her to proceed with BBJ my didi. Not bad I can say. While playing with my balls, her suction on my didi is quite good.

I proceed with FJ her. Because I'm too tired of waiting and at the same time she's bit in a hurry. So I only do 1 position until I cum on the CD. After done, we bath together while chat a bit. Then she left.

Just for info for fellow cheongster. She will stop doing FL after 12 February. So hurry up guys.

Name: BABY
Location : SETAPAK
Face: 8/10
Body: 7/10
Boob: 9/10
Daty: CAN
Fingering: CAN
BBBJ: 6/10
FJ: 6/10
GFE: 9/10
Dmg: 200/1shot 350/2shot + hotel 50

Location: Setapak
Category: NL

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It's was in afternoon on normal weekdays. As its nearly Chinese New Year, massive traffic jam in ss2. Or is it always like that. I don't really know. But I've set appointment with Celine, I can't wait to get my hand on that well known E cup of boob.

After I've got a parking space, I eagerly walking to the mp location as being inform by her. Almost 5 minutes. Just my intention to park wherever I could find an empty space as I'm afraid I wouldn't get lucky elsewhere.

Talk to the women who work at the counter and mention celines' name. The she walked me to 1 of the partition. Wait a few minutes than Celine come over and greet me.....she's quite tall and I noticed at her chest showing such a big portion. Damn. I already felt in love with her boob.

She asked me to strip naked and laying on the bed. She start by taking off her clothes and left only her panty attached. What da fuck, I gasp to myself. Everything related to her boob is big. Her areola and nipple really big. Then she start to massage my back. Not bad I can say but I've tried better with other FL who does massage before/after FJ. Maybe because another customer already waited for her service, so my session is quite a rush...both of us only managed to chat a bit. She's quite friendly. Her GFE is among the best.

For a few minutes, she concentrating more in my ball and didi...really arousing. Then she ask me to turn over and she start cleaning some part of my body. She lick that part for sometimes. After that, she continue with BBJ. Such a good blow. After my didi got hard, she's doing cowgirl on me....forget to mention, sometimes she's giving some tips on how to make women easily aroused.

It lasted for a few minutes before we changed to doggy position...I can say it's my first time to hold myself from cum for such a long time while doggy. Normally whenever I've got to this position, I only able to hold a few minutes. Especially after seeing the shaking butt while grouping boobs from behind. Lastly we turn to third position. Men on top....licking her big areola while both of my hand caressing her boobs. So unforgettable memory.....few minutes later I finally eject my sperm on CD......aaahhh such a relief.....chat a bit with her and left...I've already paid her before the session....

Just 4 info. She'll be totally FL after this. So need to worry going to mp in case you guys worry about the police rush.

Originate: CKT
Area: SS2 PJ
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10 (with nice ascent)
Boobs: 8/10 (as for me)
CATBATH : 2/10 (Too fast)
AR : 0/10 (Not Enough Time Maybe)
BBJ: 6/10
GFE: 7/10

Remark: She all Malay and Chinese :)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT

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It was Saturday. Second week of January 2016. Wasap her to make appointment and she say ok. Go straight to her house. As I've promised with her that I'll be there at 3pm sharp. What the hell, she still with other client and only after 45 minutes then she wasap me to come up at her house. I almost wanted to cancel my session with her but still I need a good massage before ending it with a FJ.

After she open up her door, I notice a young girl was sitting at a chair watching TV. She didn't even bother to notice me that I'm around the house. I thought to myself, if I can't get with her mom, I won't refused to have it with her.

Hani guide me to her memorable room. She told me to take off everything as usual. Before I lay myself on the bed, I notice her looks. A little bit disappointed. Just like she didn't got the chance to take shower on morning but what the hell, as long my sex urges will be satisfied, I'll conquer.

More than 30 minutes of really good n quality massage. Then she ask me to turn over. A few minutes massage on my front body, then she ask me whether to end the session with BBJ or FJ. I told her as usual that I normally end it with her. Then she takes off her shirt, bra and panty. Such a nice view. Trimmed down there and her boobs still nice like the last time I saw and play with it.

Due to wasting too much time waiting, I just does the FJ at the front and settle it as fast as possible as I'm in a hurry to go somewhere else.....cum inside the condom and relieve as usual. Chat a bit with her while putting back my clothes. Then I doze off from her house.

Name: HANI
Originate: NL
Face: 4/10 (as per this session)
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 7/10 (as for me)
FK: allowed
Pussy: Clean shaven
BBJ: 6/10
Damage: RM150

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese :)

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Happened on first week of January 2016. And I'm very lucky as she just returned back from her hometown.

As my sex urges up to a maximum, I told her for 1 hour session only. Besides, 2 hours session just add up RM50 for an extra massage. Won't be getting  second shot,  so no point adding extra hour.
After more than 35 minutes of massage and chit chat with her, she ask me to turn over and her face facing directly to my didi. Slowly she taking off my boxer and and starting BJ. My didi already as tall as KL tower. She said she will try to make my didi cum inside her mouth. Happily I'm encourage her but warned her first that I never cum while someone blow me...hahaha....

After almost 15 minutes of BBJ,  she finally give up and I take the lead by daty her......Damn.....it feels like for a long time since I've daty someone. I'm giving full concentration on this.....my tongue been circling all over the pussy. At the same time my hand was busy playing with her nipple and sometimes squeezing her damn big boobs. Her pussy doesn't smell at all and very sexy.

Finally it's time for FJ. I insert my didi. Felt very tight and damn good. Within few minutes and strokes, I finally cum.....such a relief after so long didn't got the chance having sexual intercourse....

Clean myself a bit and chat with her. She asked me to go for 2 hours session next time.....nah.....I replied maybe if I've got nothing much to do.....

Name: LIN
Originate: BANDUNG (I THINK)
Face: 6/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 8/10 (as for me)
FK: allowed
BBJ: 5/10
GFE: Not Bad
Damage: RM150 FOR 1 HOUR AND RM200 FOR 2 HOURS.

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

Lin Gombak - busty bakso

Lin Gombak - busty bakso

Master: Walaweh

So last sunday i came back from outstation and so itchy for lubang. Went to Lin once before last year, and had a very good massage session, and was able to naughty2 a bit (ass licking, 69, and breast grabbing) but no fucking.

So at 4 pm, texted her saying i'm going to come by later that evening. She suggested 8pm, i requested for earlier and agreed for 7pm. 6pm i drove out, and Sri Gombak area damn jam wey, lucky went out early. Arrived at 6.50, and waited for her to give me green light to go up (she helds her business in a top floor of a rumah kedai)

As usual once inside her house, she'll start to chat a bit (very friendly), and offer u drink and sweets. I start to go for her breasts, but she always say "sabar lah, nanti kita romen ya". Fuck me, everytime i get a hard on when she says that n i'll slap her ass anyways.

Her SOP would be massage first, very good massage, then only fuck. She also offer massage only for RM70. She'll burp a lot when she's massaging, so if u're not into that just bear with it for a while. After massage session, i whipped my didi out and she started sucking, very good blowjob. I pushed her towards the chair next to her bed and undress her altogether

Her breats much syiok, and very nice to hold. It's just that everytime i went, it's almost her period time so very sensitive and cannot grab to hard. But u can suck her nipples no problem, very nice pair of titties. Then we started to do 69, and i'll lick her pussy and butthole wet. She's very strict on anal entry, a big no-no.

After my didi got super hard already, i faced her toward the big mirror in her room, and start to doggie her. She's a bit chubby, so doggie is the best position with her, imo. Changed position several times (missionary, doggie, bedside fuck, 69 blowjob), then felt like cumming and came in her mouth. The room was dimly lit, so can't really what happened by i think she swallowed all my cum

After she'll take shower with u, and scrub ur back and ur didi, just like an older sister showering her little brother, very nice if you're into those kind of stuff, and she'll remind u to mandi wajib. Then she'll give u towels to dry urself, and she'll also wipe your body a bit. She'll walk around naked, so i took that chance to hug her and kiss her neck while rummaging her 38C breasts. Before you go out she'll offer drinks and sweets again and tell you to come again. Fuck, i sure will.

All in all very nice experience with Lin Gombak.

Name: Lin Gombak
Nationality: Bakso
Face: 5/10 (average, sharp chin)
Boobs: 9/10 (very nice, 38C)
Pussy: Tight, dont smell
Service: 9/10
Damage: 150
WIR: for sure

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

Relaxing Evening with Lin

Relaxing Evening with Lin

Master: Alex 

This happen a few weeks ago. Got her contact from a friend and been eager to try her after reading her good reviews. Contacted her and she balik kampung. Told me she will be back after 2 weeks.

When the day comes, Lin messaged me that she is finally back and ask me "Boss, bila u nk datang? " i quickly replied and promised her to see her the day after. Appointment set !

After work I rushed to her place in Batu Caves. Managed to find a parking spot nearby. it's a shoplots area. She directed me to her unit. Very clear instruction from her :) easy peasy . When she opens the door, i can see a short lady with huge racks wearing a tight tops greeting me. First word coming out from her mouth was - "Abang, u hensem la"  While she was walking into the living room, i noticed her nice round ass! my kind of taste! never mind she is short, her look is fine for me. the MILF look which I like. I spanked her round ass, it is bouncy! i hugged her straight away.

She offered to bath me and we both get naked, she helped me opened my pants and shirt. GFE experience checked :)  my didi is already hard and i follow her to bathroom next door. while in the bathroom, she cannot tahan already and without I realised, my didi is already in her warm mouth. While I standing, i enjoy the view of big boobs bakso lady giving me a nice blowjob. She said its a good appetiser for her. We quickly went to the room and Lin asked me if I want to start by massage first - I told her i want to fuck her right away. Lin said ok bang!

She started by giving me BBBJ round 2. really good BBBJ, as good as Devi's and Peggy's skills. after awhile, i told her to stop as afraid i will unload. Capped and then she started to ride me like crazy. i grabbed her huge boobs along the way and attempt to kiss and suck the nipples. as i was too wild, she asked me to suck slowly else her nipple will be pain. LOL! we then changed position with her back facing me - still riding me like a wild cowgirl! i love her moans. i was like HEAVEN! also i love the fact that she says 'fuck me baby'...finally i unloaded my soldiers inside her. she took out the cap and i told her to drink it from the cap. LOL!

cleaned up, we ended the session with a sensual massage from her. She asked me if i want to do round 2 - i declined politely as i need to leave for dinner. It was indeed relaxing and satisfying experience with Lin.

Name: Lin
Face: 6/10
Body: 6.5/10
Boobs: HUGE 9/10
BBBJ: 9.5/10
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 9/10
Damage: RM150

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

34D super big boobs NL - Intan(pic)

34D super big boobs NL - Intan(pic)


All my friends tried, said super geng this NL.

Name: Intan
Age: she said 20yrs, but look like 25~28 yrs
Location:from Melaka, but always come KL to serve you
Face: see photo
Body: 152cm 40kg
Boobs:definitely 34D, can't breath...if you like big boobs
BJ: try yourself
FJ: try yourself
Service: try yourself, nasi lemak pedas and sexy
Damage:60 mins unlimited shoot,RM300

* No CIM

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: NL
Remark: She only serve Chinese